Need for Speed 2015 Ford Mustang

Need for Speed 2015 Ford Mustang
Need for Speed 2015 Ford Mustang & Custom Shelby Mustang Need for Speed 2015 Ford Mustang rear

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Revell’s 2015 Mustang GT was the first of a new wave of snap-together kits designed to get new modelers interested in the hobby by omitting many of the extra expenses that go along with it - things like knives, paints, and glues. Everything was pre-finished, and needed only basic assembly to turn into a finished model. I was curious, and the then-new Mustang featured at the end of Need for Speed gave me a good excuse to try it out.

Overall it's not a bad little kit. The parts fit was excellent, and generally the detailing was very good. In keeping with the spirit of the kit, I only corrected a few particularly glaring omissions: the window surrounds, outer grilles, cowl, fender trim, and marker lights. I also swapped the wheels for a set from my parts box to better match the movie car, which brings up the one thing I wish Revell (and others) would do for kits like this: offer multiple wheel options. People love personalizing their cars, and there’s no easier way to do so than to offer a few different wheel options. No paint, no glue, minimal extra parts, but a way for multiple builds to look different without requiring any modeling skills. It would also help get the attention of more experienced builders who normally overlook snap-tite kits.


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