M.A.S.K. stinger

Stinger from the Cartoon MASK
Stinger tank mode Stinger rear

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Stinger was in generally good condition, with the exception of the tops of the windshield frame and blower scoop. Apparently its previous owner had it suffer a severe rollover that took off most of the chrome plating (and some of the underlying plastic). Fixing this required more aggressive sanding/polishing than usual, and a couple of the ribs on the scoop needed to be reformed. I got this done, then applied BMF to return the scoop to its original chrome appearance.

My Stinger was also missing its mortar cannon, which shelved the project for a few weeks until I could find one that wasn't being sold as part of a complete Stinger. Once I finally tracked one down, it was just a matter of replacing the stickers and Stinger was complete.


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