M.A.S.K. Gator

Gator from the Cartoon MASK
Gator Jeep rear Gator action mode Gator boat

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I lucked out and happened to snag a complete Gator at a reasonable price (something about toy Jeeps easily losing their accessories). Even the chrome was in surprisingly good condition. So it needed a lot less work than my other M.A.S.K. vehicles, really only needing new stickers and a little cleanup.

Most of the old stickers were dried out, and so brittle they popped off with no effort. They did leave an abrasive residue that needed to be scraped off with a knife. This was a little more aggressive than I prefer to go, but nothing else would touch it. Going carefully prevented any real damage, though, and once that was done I gave it a light washing and polishing before applying the replacement stickers.


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