Transformers Generation 2 Firecracker Gobot
Generation 2 Firecracker Gobot rear detail

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Cool Fact
Go-Bots were developed to be used with tracks and playsets from Hot Wheels and other 1/64 scale cars, sharing the same smooth-rolling axle/wheel construction that lets the toys be quickly zipped along smooth surfaces.

Source: Transformers Wiki


Like Optimus Prime, Firecracker was a red Lamborghini Diablo. But because he was part of the first wave of Go-Bots, he was cast in translucent plastic. I didn't want to simply swap "translucent" for "opaque" and call it a day, so I looked around for a new color. Model Master's Revving Red finally caught my attention: I liked the color, and the metalflake seemed appropriate for the character and the Diablo.

I then did the usual wheel swap, and like Sideswipe I colored them with a yellow Sharpie to recreate the gold wheels used on the G2 cars.


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