BMW M3 Street Machine

BMW M3 custom

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Here's one to prove (to me, at least) that you never know where you'll be inspired. While buying the magic markers to make the scoops for my Sunstreaker kit, I discovered this car hanging in a plastic baggie in the toy section for $1. It looked pretty bad, molded in black plastic with big clunky wheels and yellow and red stickers all over it, but it had potential. It was not entirely accurate for a stock BMW, but it was close enough that it could be considered a custom.

Once I got it home, I disassembled it and found out that the headlights, taillights, and glass were all separate. The car was not molded very well, and the hood and trunk needed to be filled in where the locater pins were molded, plus the trunklid and rear bumper were not completely molded. Once those were filled in, the body was painted DupliColor's Cranberry Pearl and polished to a glossy finish. The black-and-white plastic wheels were replaced with tires from Revell-Monogram's Super Stallion Mustang and wheels from the Acura Type R (also by R-M). I reassembled the car, adding details with bare metal foil & vinyl tape, and sideview mirrors from a Ford Explorer kit.


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