I.G.G. "Crawler" Advanced ATV

IGG Crawler Advanced ATV
Crawler lights Crawler wheel Crawler rear cargo area

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This model was entirely scratchbuilt for my diorama. It is made entirely from toy parts and scrap parts from the junk box.

The main body is a pair of rocket launchers from an Aliens toy. The launchers were mated where they normally would snap onto the action figure, making the backbone of the Crawler. The sides were made out of the guns from that figure, making a rigid skeleton. Wheels, seats, and the forward intake came from a Corvette kit, while the rear engine, bumper, and rocket launcher base came from a 1/24 truck accessory kit. The floor, suspension, rocket launcher, and frame were all made from styrene stock. To make the diamond plate panels, I used crosshatched packing strips, and I made the rockets from old pen ink cartridges. To give it a real beaten military look, I painted it Testor's Flat Light Aircraft Gray, and weathered it with chalk and charcoal. As a finishing touch, I added a war trophy: the rear bumper from an old Ford is hanging from the grappling hook in front of the front bumper.


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