M.A.S.K. Firecracker

Firecracker from the Cartoon MASK
Firecracker rear Firecracker motorcycle Firecracker attack mode

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Firecracker was actually in pretty good shape when I got it: a replacement tailgate hook and a set of replacement stickers were sufficient to bring it back to respectable condition. The motorcycle, however, was another story.

The first and biggest problem was the cowling, which was snapped off just aft of the handlebars on one side. I found another bike that had this section intact (though the rest of it was in far worse shape), and grafted the intact piece onto the broken cowl. Once this was filled in and smoothed over, I repainted it glossy black and the scar was almost entirely invisible. I also touched up the orange, cleaned up the exposed plastic, and repaired the wheel spokes with BMF.


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