1969 Pontiac GTO "Supergoat"

1969 Pontiac GTO custom Supergoat
Custom Supergoat DOHC V8 engine

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I first got the idea for this model by combining Mad Max and The Road Warrior, with just about the whole American Muscle Car era.

The name "Supergoat" is a combination of the Plymouth Superbird built back in the late 1960's, and the rather unglamorous slang term for "GTO". The car was built as equal parts muscle car, race vehicle, and V8 interceptor.

The body is nearly stock, with only the additions of the rear Superbird-style wing and the hood and roof scoops. The rest of the car, however, has been completely re-done. The stock V8 has been upgraded with dual overhead cams, twin 4bbl carbs on a high rise manifold, and an unrestricted exhaust system of eight separate pipes dumping just ahead of the rear wheels. The interior was stripped and replaced with a NASCAR-style crash cage and flat panels, and the chassis has been streamlined and modified with air deflectors and extra bracing.

To finish the model, I painted it flat black and added modified stripes from a 1990 Cougar kit.


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