Fortnite Red-Nosed Raider

Red-Nosed Raider from Fortnite
Red-Nosed Raider head detail Red-Nosed Raider back

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I ran across these stampers at a CVS pharmacy one day, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they were very close to 1/24 scale. Since I had recently been trying out figure painting, it was a good opportunity for me to do some practice without spending a ton of cash.

The first one I tried was the Red-Nosed Raider. Aside from being thematically appropriate (being Christmastime and all), she would require a good mix of techniques both new and familiar to get me started. After removing her from the stamper base, I cleaned up the parting seams as best I could and refit her hair to sit more correctly on her head. She then got a base coat of black primer to cover the existing colors, followed by gloss white to act as a base and start work on the shadows. The ugly sweater was made using a combination of paint and decals, as were the stripes on her pants. The rest of the details were made with a combination of ink, paint, and Tamiya weathering effects. Her face was painted with AK Interactive flesh tones, and was my first time trying a wet palette. After the trouble I had with the paint texturing on Sgt Vratraski, I wanted to see if this would help. It did, and I was left with a much smoother finish here. Her features were a combination of paint and decals, which look better from some angles than others due to the somewhat flat casting. Finally, a coat of Dullcote and final dry brushing finished this figure.


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