The Chase BMW 325is

Charlie Sheen/Kristy Swanson's BMW 325is from the movie The Chase
The Chase BMW wheel detail The Chase BMW 325is badge

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For such a simple project, this ended up taking a lot longer than I anticipated. The choices for E36 coupes in 1/24 scale isn't very big, so I started with the closest I could find at the time: an M3 by Gama. Long story short, the modifications didn't work out and I now have a spare BMW nose for a future junkyard diorama. After that project's failure, I discovered that Gama also made a 325 variant of the 3-series that was a much better starting point for what I wanted. So I got one of those, and started again. between the first attempt, repaints, drying times, and other projects taking over the bench, it ended up taking more than two years for me to get a finished Chase replica.

In the end, the car was disassembled, cleaned, and repainted. Detail work was kept to a minimum because of the quality of the model. Gama's work was decent when this car first came out, but compared to more recent diecasts it was really more of a toy than a replica. But a new paintjob, some detail work, and custom trim and vanity plates have finally provided a replica from one of my favorite movies.


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