Transformers Generation 1 Sideswipe
G1 Sideswipe and Binaltech Sideswipe fronts G1 Sideswipe and Binaltech Sideswipe rears G1 Sideswipe rear

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After several months of having the "wrong" Sideswipe, I went ahead and got a second Tamiya LP500S with the correct roof panel, fenders, and front and rear fascias (my previous "Sideswipe" Lamborghini was built from a late-model Revell-Monogram kit; the later Countaches had square lines and a flat roof unlike this earlier style).

The model is built entirely box stock, but I tried something a little different with the paint job. It is difficult to find a red that truly matches the bright red of the Lamborghini. To get the right result for this car, I painted it in three coats: the first two were the same Plasti-Kote red I used on my Street Fury kit, but the third coat was a much lighter Toyota red. The result was a very bright red that looks pretty close to Italian Red.


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