M.A.S.K. Manta

Manta from the Cartoon MASK
Manta jet mode Manta rear

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When I got it, Manta was intact but well used. Better than Slingshot, not as good as Gator. There were lots of play scratches that needed to be polished out, which I did with some spot wet sanding and the Novus 3-2-1 system. I also had to carefully straighten out the wing guns, which (like most Mantas that I've seen) were bent from being repeatedly closed into the body instead of under it. There are still a couple of minor stress marks, but nothing too bad.

Unlike Gator, whose stickers practically fell off due to age and dryness, Manta's stickers flaked apart into a sticky mess. I had to spend quite a bit of time working away all of the old residue, but finally got it prepped for a new set of repro labels. These went on with no problem, and Vanessa's ride was finally ready to join the ranks of VENOM.


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