1998 Chevrolet Corvette

Cool Fact
The 1998 Corvette convertible marked the return of an actual trunk, a feature not seen on Corvettes since 1962.

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Based on AMT/Ertl's 1998 Corvette Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Snapfast Plus kit, this model is nearly box stock. I like the C5 body shape, and this is a very simple kit to assemble. The only problem aesthetically wasn't the kit's fault, but whoever decided to make the wheels and seats bright yellow.

I repainted the interior bucket in shades of black and brown, to give the appearance of a cloth charcoal interior. I also left off the garish yellow wheels altogether, replacing them with spoked rims and larger Good Years from a 1981 Camaro kit.

The body was molded in a surprisingly nice dark blue. I left the body unpainted, but polished it to remove the few dings and scratches it got during transit.


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