Pearls Before Swine Revenge-O-Mobile

Revenge-O-Mobile from the comic strip Pearls Before Swine
Pearls Before Swine Revenge-O-Mobile 3/4 view Pearls Before Swine Revenge-O-Mobile interior

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I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a suitable starting point for this one, including options like customizing a diecast car, molding it from putty, or even carving it out of wood. None of these really called to me, though, because I wanted something that captured the clean, simple style of Stephan Pastis’ art. I finally decided that 3D printing was the way to go, at least for the main body.

Wanting to keep my costs down, I drew it up as a single hollow part with the wheels already in place and no interior. This was a good plan, but I should have sprung for Shapeways’ Fine Detail plastic. Their Strong and Flexible was a lot grainier than I remembered, especially when it’s used on a model less than 2” long.

To smooth it out, I applied alternating layers of Testors Glosscote and Tamiya Putty followed by a coat of DupliColor Filler Primer. Once I was happy with the surface, I sprayed everything DupliColor Gloss White and painted the wheels and interior with Apple Barrel acrylics. The “Revenge-O-Mobile” graphics were taken directly from the comic, cleaned up in Photoshop and printed onto clear decal stock. A final coat of Testors Dullcote sealed everything.

Just a few details were needed to finish things off. The seat and steering column were scratch built from styrene stock, the control lever was a straight pin, and the steering wheel was something I found in my parts box.


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