2006 Saleen S7

Made By:
1 Badd Ride
Packaging (Design):9/10
Packaging (Durability):8/10
Casting (Body):9/10
Casting (Interior):9/10
Casting (Chassis):8/10
Casting (Engine):9/10
Paint (Exterior):9/10
Paint (Interior):9/10
Paint (Trim/Graphics):9/10
Overall Panel Fit:9/10
Total Score:8.8/10

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1 Badd Ride Saleen S7
1 Badd Ride Saleen S7 Packaging 1 Badd Ride Saleen S7 Emblem 1 Badd Ride Saleen S7 Interior 1 Badd Ride Saleen S7 Engine 1 Badd Ride Saleen S7 Headlight 1 Badd Ride Saleen S7 Rear

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The Saleen is packaged in 1BR's usual fire-themed window box with clear panels at both ends and a large clear panel for the front/top of the box. The 1BR logo in the bottom center is flanked by drawings of their S7 and GT, with more logos and drawings of their Mustang and Corvette on the ends. The back of the box features the specifics about the car, including both performance and aesthetic modifications and an engine speed/torque/horsepower graph (770rwhp and 720lb-ft@~5200rpm). A large version of the GT seen on the front of the box is repeated to the right of the statistics block (the one on the front is blue, this larger one is silver). The bottom of the box includes information about the current and previous waves, as well as the 1BR contact info and legal info. Inside, the car is held in place with two screws and a plastic stretch band around the car.



The S7 is a fairly complex shape, and 1BR is to be commended on the clean job they did. Everything fits together tightly, although separate panels are limited to the doors and rear window hatch. The doors open diagonally, as they do on the 1:1, and the hinges sit nice & flush with the body when closed with minimal gaps around them. The hinges are also a bit oversized, but the dark blue color helps hide both this and the gaps - if you get the silver version, they may be more obvious. Still, very nice for for a mass-market diecast. The paint is equally well done: although there are no body markings, there are a few paint applications for the windows and scoop openings. All are exceptionally clean, and the scoops are especially impressive - the only minor problem spots appear in the deeper rear fascia grilles. A Saleen badge is front and center on the nose, while the word "SALEEN" and a manufacturer plate adorn the rear. The blue is deep and even, although it was painted with the doors closed, so there is some overspray and bare material on the door sills. Bright chrome is used for the headlight buckets, tailpipes, wheels, and brakes, while silver paint is used for the taillight trim and side-view mirrors. The tires continue 1BR's recent use of detailed sidewalls, avery nice touch. Inside, the deep cockpit of the S7 is recreated well, complete with separate racing harnesses and a detailed dash. The rear-mounted V8 looks great as well, with several layers of parts working to create the illusion of a complete engine. Unlike most 1BR engines, this one appears to be factory stock - although that was a potent enough engine that the car needs little else.



The doors and rear window open, and although the front wheels are on pivots the close fender openings and large wheels prevent any real movement. The hinges are smooth operating and the panels shut tightly.



The S7 marks a departure for 1BR, in that it appears to be in nearly stock configuration. The only obvious change I see is the wheels, which are deeper and larger than the originals. The rest of the car looks pretty accurate, with the complex array of vents and scoops appearing to be correct and the overall shape looking spot-on. The only flaws I see are the shape of the lower side scoops, and the rear spoiler sits too high at the ends. The tips of the front air dam and the side-view mirrors don't quite have the exact right shape, but these may be optional components. These are all very small issues, and had I not been comparing it to the 1:1 I never would have noticed them. As usual for 1BR, scaling is a perfect 1/24 as long as you ignore the wheels - the 20" rears are more like 25" diameter. Apparently the 1BR engineers still couldn't keep their hands off of it, though - they managed to squeeze out an additional 20hp and 20 more foot-pounds of torque when compared to Saleen's official numbers.



1 Badd Ride picked a good car for their first "stock" body. It's one of the quickest production cars ever (with a sub-3 second 0-60), and still has enough raw edge to keep it firmly in "bad(d)" territory. I'm happy to report that they did an excellent job capturing this supercar in scale. Highly recommended.


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