Tip for April 2006:
Installing Glass

One of the most common issues new modelers face is how to install glass cleanly. The photo for this month's Tip of the Month shows the three most common types of glue and the one that I personally prefer. The dots below the white line show what the dried glue looks like, and above the white line shows how each glue cleans up.
1 - Superglue: Fast-acting and fairly strong, but superglue has a tendency to "fog" clear parts. It can be cleaned off with nail polish remover, but not over painted surfaces like window frames.
2 - "Tube" Glue: Also a good, strong bond (as long as you're gluing to unpainted surfaces). Because it works by chemically melting the plastic, you'll have a mess if you get it anywhere visible, and you won't be able to clean it off.
3 - White Glue: A mainstay for most modelers; white glue dries clear, cleans up easily, and has no adverse effects on the surrounding parts. The only drawback is the strength of the bond: parts held with white glue can be broken free wih relatively little effort.
4 - Elmer's Squeeeze-N-Caulk: My personal choice. It has all the advantages of white glue, but the dried glue is more flexible and holds stronger.