How to simulate riveted panels

Tip for June 2004:
How to Simulate Riveted Panels

Want a quick and easy way to make riveted panels like the roof of this stock car? Buy a roll of metal repair tape (available in hardware & department stores) and a pounce wheel (available at most craft stores and several online retailers). Pounce wheels are made for creating perforations in craft projects, and come in a variety of tooth-counts (a 15-tooth-per-inch wheel will make rivets just under 2" apart in 1/25 scale). Cut out the shape of your panel from the metal tape, then on a semi-hard surface (like a sheet of thick cardboard), run the wheel along the edges of the backer. This will raise bumps on the face of the tape that look like rivet heads, plus they will be perfectly spaced and in a straight line! This can be done without painting for a sheet of "new" metal, or you can prime & paint it along with the rest of the model.