1971 Chevy Camaro

Made By:
Jada Toys
Packaging (Design):7/10
Packaging (Durability):7/10
Casting (Body):9/10
Casting (Interior):9/10
Casting (Chassis):6/10
Casting (Engine):8/10
Paint (Exterior):8/10
Paint (Interior):9/10
Paint (Trim/Graphics):9/10
Overall Panel Fit:9/10
Total Score:8.1/10

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Jada Toys 1971 Chevrolet Camaro
Jada Toys 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Packaging Jada Toys 1971 Chevrolet Camaro wheel detail Jada Toys 1971 Chevrolet Camaro interior Jada Toys 1971 Chevrolet Camaro engine Jada Toys 1971 Chevrolet Camaro rear window detail Jada Toys 1971 Chevrolet Camaro trunk

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With the success of the first generation, engineers were granted an increased budget and timetable to develop the second-gen Camaro. Longer, wider, lower, and no longer offering a convertible option, the "super hugger" was considered more of a performance driver-oriented car. Indicative of GM's efforts to improve the car, the SS 350 was named one of the 10 best cars in the world in the August 1971 Road & Track magazine.



The Camaro is packaged in Jada's "Big Time Muscle" box. The only difference between this and other releases is the shape of the clear plastic trays holding the car in place, and the name tag on the front of the inner tray that now reads "1971 Chevy Camaro."



Part of the same wave as the '67 Camaro, this is very nearly equal in terms of high-quality casting and paint. The body is almost entirely metal, with only the headlight bezels and sideview mirrors made of plastic and soft vinyl, respectively. The glossy black basecoat looks good, but has a few light rough spots - little more than ghosting that you can't even see unless the light is correct. The bumpers and grille are chrome plated plastic. The headlights and windows are clear plastic, and the taillights are clear red. The stripes are painted matte red, with excellent coverage and perfect alignment. The window frames are painted silver, the grille and window edges are painted flat black, and the taillight trim is chrome. A small "Big Time Muscle" is printed in the bottom center of the rear window.

The interior is black with silver accents on the dashboard and center console. The rear view mirror, shift lever, pedals, steering wheel, video screen, nitrous tanks, fire extinguisher, and stereo components are cast in chrome plastic, and the extinguisher has a coat of clear red to make it look like anodized metal. A white Chevrolet bow tie is printed on the floor mats, and the steering wheel rim, extinguisher nozzle, and stereo parts have extra black paint apps. There are only two seats, as the rear seat area has been converted to stereo and nitrous storage.

The engine is dominated by a chrome twin snorkel setup set low between the valve covers. A chrome baffle fills the front of the bay, with the dual conical filters and belt assembly between it and the engine. The trunk is even more useless here as it is on the 1:1 Camaro, hindered by the oversized hinges that take up most of the space. The chassis is Jada's usual simplified pan and chrome differential, but they've also added a set of chrome exhaust tips that feed through holes in the rockers - a very cool touch.



The hood, doors, and trunk all open on smooth hinges that hold their positions easily.



As usual with Jada's "Big Time Muscle" series, don't expect a replica so much as a caricature. While this immediately captures the look and feel of the last unrestricted Camaro, none of the proportions are quite correct. This includes the overall scale, which is closer to 1/22.



Another solid entry in the Big Time Muscle Series. While it's not as technically excellent as the '67, the way Jada's artists captured the muscular look of the second-gen Camaro makes this one of my favorites. Highly recommended.


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